Wednesday, May 19, 2010

happy birthday honey

Today is Ryan's birthday. Sadly, he has to spend it with a bunch of guys and working his butt off. He'll be home very soon!

It was a pretty slow day today. Ran some errands this morning. Spent some time with friends. Caden went to his friends house after school. I made some yummy milkshakes in honor of Ryan's birthday. I'm going to try a new one tomorrow. Fat free vanilla frozen yogurt, chocolate chips, sugar free caramel syrup and some left over coffee....toffee coffee crunch..shake?? I hope it's good. Should clock in about 200 cals. I'll have to check the chips first.

Girls night tomorrow night! wine, movies, pizza! good stuff.

I'm a fall girl, so I don't mind this cool weather, but I'm really looking forward to wearing all my new duds!! I haven't been able to wear anything yet. I hope I look good!I hope it warms up by next weekend, we have plans friday night, outside. I don't want to be freezing.

I went to Target today and tried on the cutest sandals....and didn't buy them!!! But, I did get two tanks of sale for 6$ each..that's not too bad. All mine are stretched out and too big.

I did two Jillian videos on demand today. No more trouble zones and boost. They were totally chopped, so I did two. After the first I had only burned 200 calories. Got 430! Not bad. I'll probably check out another on demand video for tomorrow's workout. I'm super close to my goal weight. Only 5ish more pounds to go. Now, I need to focus on getting toned. Maybe less straight up cardio and more toning/strength cardio workouts. Gotta get this belly to tighten up...I'm pretty sure no matter what I do, it won't look good, but I gotta try something.

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