Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So proud

I'm so proud of myself. I mentioned I was trying to hit 150 before Ryan got home...I weighed in today, because I didn't workout yesterday, and the scale read...149.3!!! Yay!! I love it! I really didn't think I was going to make that goal. I thought I'd be shy a pound or two. I went to the mall with my friend, we did a few laps before the stores opened. Burned about 150 cals doing that. Did Zumba tonight for the second time! I really like it, super fun. I scorched 730 calories!!! I had forgotten to stop my heart rate monitor last week. I was surprised it was so many calories! Did good with the food. Made a really yummy breakfast burrito this am. A protein smoothie for lunch and some rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner.

I also put together a bench we've had for about a month now. It wasn't very hard, luckily. Just need to get a nice cozy cushion for it! My kitchen is still nice and neat! I loaded up the donation pile in the car. I'll drop it off tomorrow. Gotta hit up Target tomorrow. Not too much to get, just some odds and ends. Tomorrow is Ryan birthday, I hate to not be with him. He's gonna be working his tail off all day. Not a great way to spend your birthday.

Ooh, after the mall I ran into World Market and scored two bottles of sugar free coffee syrup for under 4$! I had a free 10$ coupon for my bday! I got white chocolate and chocolate. I'm going to attempt to make a tuxedo coffee tomorrow! mmm...I can't wait. Here's my little guy today waiting in the car after the mall trip.
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