Sunday, May 16, 2010


I totally lost my blog. I was blogging from my phone and pressed the wrong button! arg. So, I'm trying to figure out all the ways I can blog and how to download pics from my google phone. Lots of fun. One thing I can not figure out is how to browse other people's blogs!!??? The only way I've seen any is by going to my friends blog and looking at the blogs she follows. There has to be an easier way.

So, Dad is out of town and the house goes to shambles. It's so easy to just not do the dishes if he's not coming home to see the mess. I gotta get my game face on and shape up the house.
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Today is my step-Dad's birthday. No plans for a party or anything? I was going to get him a card with some scratchers, but then I thought maybe a gift card to a steakhouse for dinner tonight. They never go out to dinner. But, I was only planning on giving him 20$ in scratchers, dinner would be an extra 40$.

The boys' room is so bad. I got after them to clean it, but I'm pretty sure they're in there playing Lego Star Wars instead. I bought a timer last week. It's really helped, mostly with Brody. He really wants to beat the timer. Of course, I let him play with it and now it's lost. It sure would come in handy right now.

We recently signed up with Comcast Digital Cable...nothing but trouble! We have their HD receiver and then we use our Tivo box. The Comcast box freezes every time we watch every 10 minutes. Then it will say that the cable card isn't working. Then our tivo box won't show us half of the channels that we're supposed to be getting?? I don't know what the issue is. I've called about 5 times. They told me to go get new cable cards, but I really don't think that's the issue.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day...I'm really excited. I workout out 6 days this week and stayed in my calorie range..mostly. I told Ryan I would be at 150 when he came home from training. Last Monday I was at 154, then I took a sneak peek wen and was 153, so I'm hoping for 151. Wish me luck. Although I did indulge in some donut holes for my breakfast.

Sounds like nap time for the little one. Which means cleaning time for me and my zune!

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