Saturday, May 15, 2010

jumping in

I'll just jump right into the blog world. The boys woke me up by fighting with each other over video games. We had planned to have a parent appreciation breakfast, since I missed the one at the school Friday. So, I made a southwestern omelet (1 egg, 1.2c egg whites, half medium mushroom, half green pepper, 3tbs. salsa, small handful of reduced fat mexican blend cheese), a Thomas' multi grain light muffin w/ I can't believe it's not butter and organic strawberry jelly, and 2 strips of bacon. That was for me. Caden had a cinnamon raisin bagel w/ fat free cream cheese, Brody had a fried egg and cheese sandwich on a Thomas' muffin, they both had 4 donut holes. I was so proud! My omelet was filling enough that I didn't sneak my hand into the donut holes!! And I still haven't. I put them out of sight, so I won't get tempted.

Threw one load of laundry in the wash. Got a surprise visit from Gampa. He wanted to take the boys to a car show at the park later. Then our friend Richy stopped by. Put the baby down for his nap. We just chatted. Offered him some lunch, but he's on the raw diet kick. It was nice to talk with him. After he left I got ready to hop on the ellipitical. Decided to follow an interval training program from Woman's Health Mag. 10 min warm up, then intervals of 90% max heart rate, followed by 2 min cool down to get heart rate back to 120's. My heart rate didn't go back down to 120 in 2 min. So, I improvised and did 1 min bursts to get my hr up to 170's, then cooled down for 2 min. Did that about 5x, cooled down for about 3 min. Worked out to about 30 minutes and 500 calories gone! I liked it better than my normal "heart program" button on the elliptical. Watched some food network and listened to my zune. Didn't watch much of the tv, since I was watching the clock. A good sweaty workout!

Baby woke up after that. Made my usual post-workout protein smoothie (1/2c oj, 1/2c vanilla fat-free yogurt, 1c tropical blend frozen fruit, 1/2c frozen blueberries, and one scoop of protein powder). I got a new blender for Mother's Day. I normally would make my smoothie in my bullet, but I was getting tired of how small it was. So, I got a Oster Counterforms, I really like it so far. It has a frozen drink button, it will blend and then reverse and blend again. I still have to mix it up a bit and do it twice, so that stinks, but I think it's because I don't add that much oj to my smoothies, I like them a bit thicker. I use the same ingredients as before, but they taste different. They're more smooth instead of icy from the bullet. Glad I got it! The baby ate some frozen blueberries, then weaseled his way into my smoothie. Then Grampa came for the boys!

Still need to take a shower. My Aunt is going to watch Nightmare on Elm St. later at 4, I hope I can make it. We'll see if my mom will watch the boys or not? I guess it depends if she goes to bingo or not.

I've got between 400-700 calories left for the day. Probably end up with a frozen meal for dinner. I hate making dinner when my husband is not home. The boys don't usually eat much of it and I'm not big on eating leftovers.

Well, that's the day for now. Gonna try and take a shower and get ready. Not sure if I'll actually "get ready", why get ready if I don't go anywhere?? we'll see.

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